Platen Boring committed to the best international practice in health, safety and environmental matters. The Company operates safe systems of work to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, that its Engineering Staff and all other persons who could be affected are not exposed to hazards which could result in harm or injury. It is the Company’s policy to promote a positive attitude from staff towards all matters relating to health, safety and the environment.

Purpose of these safety rules.

These basic rules are intended to inform Clients of the arrangements in place to enable Platen Boring Engineering Staff to meet their statutory duties for health and safety when carrying out contractual activities on Clients sites. The successful application of these rules to achieve safe working with minimum disruption to the Clients’operations is dependent to a large extent on the close co-operation of the Client, particularly regarding planning and the provision of information.

Health and Safety Policy.

Platen Boring Ltd.Engineering safety policy, together with the organisation and arrangements for implementing this policy are fully detailed in the Platen Boring Ltd. Health and Safety Manual for Technical Staff.

Drug and Alcohol abuse.

The use of illegal drugs, mis-use of legal drugs or other substances and the abuse of alcohol presents a serious risk in the workplace, especially where staff are engaged on safety critical work as are Engineer’s.

Engineering Staff should decline to work with local staff where there is reasonable cause to doubt the individuals ability; such concerns must immediately be brought to the attention of a responsible officer of the Client.

Initial contact and departure from premises.

Prior to starting work Engineering Staff must always report on arrival to a person in authority. Normal reception facilities will be used to ensure compliance with existing security procedures, e.g: site passes. It is at this stage that specific safety requirement, including permit to work systems; personal protective equipment and other necessary safety precautions are established between the Client’s representative and Platen Boring Ltd. Staff. In cases of doubt regarding the adequacy of the safety precautions in place, the Engineering Staff should contact their Manager for further advice. On completion of their work the Engineering Staff should report back to the person in authority before leaving the premises.

Permits to Work.

Engineering Staff should adhere to Client’s permit to work systems subject to the provision of adequate guidance and instruction on their operation.

Conditions and precautions laid down in the permit to work document will be complied with and on completion of the examination activity the work permit will be returned to the person duly completed and signed by the Engineering Staff.

Personal Protective Equipment.

Engineering Staff should always use the appropriate personal protective equipment for the particular conditions applying at each site.

The following standard equipment is provided by Platen Boring Ltd. and available for use: -

If other protective equipment or equipment of a higher standard is required, this equipment, together with instructions and any necessary training for use should be provided by the client.

Working above Ground.

Where it is necessary the Client to provide ladders, these should be of adequate length and sound construction and the Client will have to provide a safe platform for our Engineering Staff to work from.


Engineering Staff will comply with the Client’s clearly communicated procedures on fire precaution, fire fighting and emergency evacuation.