The following services required by our engineers on site.

For deep drilling (>400mm) we require the platens to be opened to 1500-1600mm to ensure we can secure the rig correctly.

Please Note:

The Platen / Well area should be clear of any obstruction I.E. Tools, Conveyors; Chutes, Boxes and the area should also be clean and safe for our engineers to work.

Engineers waiting time due to circumstances beyond our control is charged at £90.00 per hour.

Should there be any cancellation or postponement of work when the engineers have arrived on site, there will be a charge of £900.00 per day plus any expenses incurred.

Company information such as H & S, insurance, method of working, etc can be found on our website at under "company-info"

Yours Sincerely

(Mr A.Russell) Managing Director.