Platen Thread Repairs.

Platen threads as with other parts on the machine such as, screw nose assemblies, heater bands and other wear and tear items are being constantly used and with the advent of “just in time moulding” more frequent mould changes occur, usually using the same combination of holes each time. Coupled with using bolts with damaged threads and / or insufficient length of engagement (this should always be thread diameter x 1.5) it is not surprising that platen threads need to be renewed, thus avoiding downtime and expensive repairs should the tool fall off the platen (as has happened) also possible injury to personnel. For over ten years Platen Boring Limited has been successfully repairing platen threads in horizontal and vertical presses. We do not use helicoils (wire thread inserts) as these are not suitable for this application.

M12 M20 x 2
M16 M24 x 2
M20 M30 x 2
M24 M33 x 2
M30 M40 x 2

Internal Thread Length:- Diameter x 2.

When fitting steel thread inserts in cast platens the repair becomes stronger than the original thread. The inserts are retained using Loctite and should they become damaged at any time in the future they can be replaced by applying heat to the insert destroying the Loctite bond, a new insert can then be fitted.

Under normal circumstances we are able to repair an average of thirty holes per working day, the only limitations being that, the minimum distance between platens is at least 320mm and the nearest distance that an insert can be fitted from any tie bar is 32.5mm.

In-situ Platen boring and deep hole drilling prices are quoted according to customers required specifications.

The work is guaranteed, and there is no disturbance to the press with the exception of the tool being removed.

The following services are required by our engineers:

1) Use of a gantry.

2) An electrical supply, 16 amp, 3 phase, neutral and earth.

3) A compressed air supply.

Should you require any further details regarding this service please do not hesitate to contact us, also enclosed is a list of some of the companies who have benefited from our service.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Russell
Adrian Russell.
(Managing Director)