Crew list for H.M.S Violet

History of the corvette H.M.S Violet

Ships that have carried the name Violet

U-651 (June 1941),

The Nailsea Manor (Sept 1941),

U-641 (Jan 1944)

North Atlantic Convoys ( D.Mountain)

Running Aground (Jan.1942) (D.Mountain),

Freetown (Oct. 1943) (T.Farnsworth)


Death on Board - (May 1945) (J.Green, S. Wilkes, R. Worsman)

Air sea Rescue Duties off the Cocos Islands (Sept 1945) (E.Coulson)

Pictures From Violet

Pictures From Lagos

Pictures During Commisioning (1940)

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Heritage Centre.
In 1942 the town of Ulverston in Cumbria adopted H.M.S. Violet.
A model, painting and a complete record of the ships movements, 1940-1946, along with a list of all the crew that served on her and other memorabilia are located in at
Ulverston Council Offices

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