H.M.S. Douglas

Sir James Douglas carried the heart of King Robert the Bruce to Jerusalem in 1330 but he was killed en route (in Spain). He and the heart were returned to Scotland and buried there.

Ships Badge; (1920) White; a heart red framed and crowned gold

Forward (The Clan motto)

"Campbell" Class, Leader Destroyer


Weight 153 tons. Length 332 feet. Beam 31 feet. Draught 10 feet.

Armament as built 5 x 4.7 inch BL Mk1 on CP V1 mountings. One 3 inch HA Mk 111.

Two 2 pdr. Pom Poms; six 21 inch (2x3) Torpedo tubes. Complement 183

Machinery : four Yarrow boilers; two shafts; Parsons all geared turbines SHP 40,000 = 36.5 Knots

Armament WW2"; two 4.7 inch (B & X). One 3 inch AA. 3 x 21" torpedo tubes.



December, ordered from Cammel Laird.


30 June laid down.


8 June, launched; 30 August, completed.


Became leader of the 9th Destroyer flotilla (HMS Valentine, Valkyrie, Vanessa, Venturous, Verdun, Vesper, Vivian and Whitley); a re-organisation of the Destroyer flotillas formed smaller tactical unit comprising one leader and eight destroyers


4 April the entire 9th flotilla was laid up at Rosyth with reduced complements.


8 April Re-commissioned with reserve crew; The 9th flotilla was re-numbered the 7th.


7 June Re-commissioned at Portsmouth for 1st Submarine Flotilla Mediterranean.


1 May Commissioned at Chatham for 1st Submarine Flotilla.


July, 20th Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet.


January Damaged a U-boat whilst searching ahead of a Gibraltar bound convoy; 8 July with13th DD Flotilla (HMS Active, Wrestler, Vidette, Keppel, Vortigern, Wishart and Watchman) stationed at Gibraltar


28 April, sank U-65 in North Atlantic (59-51N, 15-30W). Convoy HX 121; 11 September, with2nd Escort group (HMS Veteran, Saladin, Skate & Leamington) under Cdr Banks ordered to Icelandic waters to assist in the withdrawal of the Soviet Baltic Fleet.


27 June, sailed from Reykjavik as escort for convoy PQ 17; 2 July, detached from main convoy with the escort oiler "Gray Ranger" (two days before the infamous order to scatter the convoy); joined Convoy QP 13 at latitude 73 North, 3 East and returned to Reykjavik.


23 June, sailed at 20.00 hrs with the Flag Officer, North Atlantic onboard to meet the French Admiral and his command at Oran to discuss the French capitulation to Germany; 11 July with HMCS Iroquois and HMS Moyola rescued all but 57 troops from bombed troop transports "California and Duchess of York" in Bay of Biscay; 31 October, with trawler Imperialist and Loch Arkaig sank U-732 in Gibraltar Strait (35-54N, 05-52W) off Tangier.


20 March, Sold to B.I.S.C.O and allocated to T.W. Ward at Inverkeithing for breaking up.

Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940/44 - Arctic 1942

Pennant numbers: November 1918 D.09; Post November 1918 G.00;

September 1919 to 1920 F.50; 1920 to 1940 D.90; 1940 onwards I.90