Machine Documentation

The following ZIP files contain the documentation for relevant rebuilt machines. They are stored here as a backup for customers in the event that their original documentation is lost.

PLC Controlled Machines. (All files are in Word format accessed through PLC.DOC).
NB85 (Polydex), V17 (Polydex and GKN), Metal Mechanica 400 Ton Technica (Newliv),
Krauss KM1700 (Matzco), NB25 (Polydex), Hanger Machine 1 (Braitrim Germany),
Hanger Machine 2 (Braitrim Germany), 160-65 (29-612 Alex Mitchel Plastics (Ireland)),
Corval PLC Heel machine (Cornwell Components), NB-85 (36-272 Jona Plastics), DEMAG D750 (Polytech), Krupp 1000 (Polytech), NB55 (40-235 Alumould) , V17 (Asset International) ,

Riaar Negri-Bossi 750-266

Parcon Controlled Machines (All files are standard text files)
Corval Basic/Assembly Files, Customer Disk Backups, System Files

Parcon 6.0 Demi Card, Demi Graphic Replacement System. This system is a direct replacement for the control system fitted to Negri-Bossi Demi-card machines.

Specialised Machinary and other projects.

LBA (Press Plates & Welder)

Magna Mouldings (Fiser Machine)

Sinclair Pet Accessories (Rope winder, Jigs, Etc),

Protomould (Demag D80),

Alumould (Robot, NB225 intrusion),

Plastech (Mould Protection),

RK Components (MetalMechanica)

Polytech Plastics (V15 Cores, Gate alarms)

Cob Components (Timed Cores)

Newliv (Internal Tool Gates, Ball Welding Machine)

Rotherham Plastics (Timed Cores NB225)

Paint Machine

Mason Pearson (Flow Moulding V22)

RD Engineering (Demigraphic 90 Timed Cores)

ABC Plastics (Metalmechanica Intrusion)

Demigraphic Stuff

1250-350 elec

Attenborough Brush